Internal Test 2 Fail for Reach RS2

Hai Everyone I need help, one of my Reach RS2 unit had a problem with its USB Charging Port, The Unit completely discharged as I was unable to charge it. I contacted one of the Emlid Team members who advised me to charge it via the RS-232 Port using the 9 Pin Connector. I tried first to Charge my other Unit which was not discharged using the 9 Pin connector terminating into a AC/DC 12V adapter. Since then this unit gives me an Internal test Fail 2 whenever I try using it. The Emlid team have told me they can’t revive the unit. This is costly for me as the unit is barely 2 years old. Any who can help. I have attached the System Report.
RS2-Rover_ReachRS2_20230604_SystemReport (1).zip (3.9 MB)

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Hi Chali,

We are in touch with you via email about this issue. Let’s continue our communication there to avoid confusion.