Interference with on board GPS in UAV

Has anyone experience interference with a on board GPS when using the reach system? i think it is coming from the reach WIFI

Did not notice that in our tests. Wi-Fi and GPS generally coexist pretty well as they are commonly used together. You can experiment by disabling Wi-Fi on Reach in settings.

Hi Are you able to disable completely? or just create a hotspot?

If you toggle the switch in Wi-Fi setting it will be completely disabled until next reboot.

ok, thank-you :slight_smile:

Other than the WIFI and Bluetooth, there shouldn’t any other form of RF with the module ?

You always have some RF from internal high frequency buses, but the power is negligible.

ok, cool, i’ll disable the WIFI

hi, i have disabled the wifi , but we seem to still be incurring interference with our onboard gps , seems to be making it completely loose gps. when we run the aircraft without power to the reach module , it works just fine. could there be any other source of RF from the reach or talisman gps ?

Have u found a solution? I have the same problem

Hi No not as yet, still seem to be having the interference issue

try isolating the reciver not the antena,