Intel Edison workaround not working?

New Emlid user here - I was able to follow the first few steps in the Reach RS setup documents, but my work wifi network requires a username and password to connect. So I was unable to join the Reach RS to the same network as my Android tablet. Now it will not start in hotspot mode at work or at home, and I cannot complete the setup process (any tips here also welcome).

So now I’m trying to re-flash the Reach RS so that it will start in hotspot mode. But the Intel Edison installation workaround for Windows ( isn’t working! I get stuck at the fourth step, as the temporary folder for the Edison install hasn’t been created yet, and the installation tool is pointing to a local temp folder that doesn’t have an “installs” directory:


Could you please try terminal guide for Windows? In the meantime, it’s the easiest way to reflash Reach.

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Thanks - the command line reflash worked perfectly.