Integration with u-blox NEO-M8P - air data rate vs baud

Hi, sorry if this has already been covered, couldn’t find in a search. Trying to use a Reach RS as a base station for a NEO-M8P. Freq is set to 915 MHz and RTCM3 messages are configured per u-blox requirements, but can’t seem to figure out a mapping between selected air data rate for Reach RS and baud rate for the radio port (UART1 on the NEO-M8P).

Am I configuring two different parameters and missing something, or is there a conversion?

Tell us how the two devices are supposed to communicate please. If by radio, then what radios are you using?

Yes, I’m trying to transmit RTCM3 over LoRa to a HM-TRP radio. Upon further inspection these may be incompatible. I was able to poll the radio using an AT console. The HM-TRP doesn’t seem to accept air rates less than 19.2kbps, and 18.23 appears to be the max for the RS. There also appear to be some RTCM3.2 messages unsupported by the RS, but one step at a time :slight_smile:

For now, you’re probably better off getting the optional Reach RS cable and wiring in a second HM-TRP so you then have a pair of compatible radios.

LoRa radios are using a custom protocol, so they should not be compatible with anything but LoRas of the same model. I’d suggest the same thing as @bide did.

That is disappointing. I wonder why the decision to make the Reach RS less interoperable with other GPS systems. Thanks for the help at any rate. At this point we will probably look for a different base station solution altogether.

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I think many would by a Lora receiver compatible to reachrs…

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