Integration with Simulink

Hi all,
I need some Simulink blocks that use Navio+ driver for my research.
Are there any Navio+ blocks for Simulink?


Hi! No, there are no Simulink blocks for Navio.
We have C++ and Python examples for Navio which could help you understand how it works and allow you to write your own Simulink blocks if needed.

Thanks! I will start creating them all.
Does anyone knows which support package in Matlab should I use?

Thanks ahead!

@asagip, how do you plan to connect your computer to the raspberry pi?

I will compile all the files on my computer and then transfer then directly to the SD card.
I don’t think that I need to connect it directly to my computer since all the drivers are available.
If need to connect rpi to my computer, then I use SSH.

Have you successfully integrated in Simulink? I meet many problem in parsing the data through Rs232 communication.