Integration to ground robots

We would like to integrate the Emlid Reach RTK product line to our ground robots for real-time localization (no PPK). To do so, we need more information on the protocol used:

Where can I find the standard implementation of the ERB protocol for Linux?
How are we supposed to forward the RTCM messages through ERB?
Where is the last version of the ERB protocol? (ERB.pdf doesn’t mention RTCM nor MSG_ID_RTK 7)


Hi Alexis,

ERB is a format for coordinates, whereas RTCM is for base corrections.

Could you please tell us more about your desired setup? What autopilot software do you want to use for your project? To accept coordinates from Reach, it should support ERB or NMEA format.

We would be running two units to have the RTK capability without subscription.

GPS RTK (base) => Embedded device => Robot => GPS RTK (rover)

To achieve it, we should have the capability to forward the RTCM corrections from the base to the rover.

What interfaces does the embedded device have?

It has RS232, USB, CAN and Ethernet

You can have the base RCTM feed output on either RS232 or Ethernet or the RS2?

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