Integration of findings from Rtklibexplorer

Hi guys,

I have just received a Reach RTK kit and at the moment I am doing some experiments.
I am reader of the rtklibexplorer blog and just wondering why you did not include his fixes into Reach, expecially this one:

Can you provide binaries with theses fixes? I tried to compile it myself, but I did not get it to work within a short time. But I think these binaries would be interesting for everyone.

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Hi Michael,

Fixes from rtklibexplorer are included on Reach.

Hi @igor.vereninov

Just had a fascinating read through of that blog. I’m curious to the dynamic platform settings used in Reach and it they can be changed? According to the blog the Reach M8T receivers are set up for the “Airborne <4g”…has that been changed since implementing the fixes from the blog?

For the precision nav I’m working on the vehicle has a max travel speed of 15mph or just 6.7m/s.
However the working modes vary in speed, of which there are two, where I’m utilizing Reach.
In vehicle guidance mode(active path following/autopilot) speed is just .4 m/s.
In implement control mode(no machine nav) working speed is .4 to 2.5m/s.
Yes these are very slow machine speeds! These speeds are purely determined by the traction available and the speed at which the implements can both articulate as well as process material.

Based on the ublox info should I be using portable or pedestrian if changing it is an option?

if you ssh reach you can change this in files called gps_glonassxxx.conf…
if have tried it, but at the moment i am frustrated …

i wont use reach for pararell driving for agricultural use (speed<15 km/h) but i cant get good fix/float solution.

at the moment i use interent for correction link, today i have received rfd900 modems and i would try it.

with what setting you work?


Hi Igor,

this means the file “/home/reach/RTKLIB/app/rtkrcv/gcc/rtkrcv” is updated, but not the source?
I looked at the source round this file and this source is not updated and does not include the fixes.

Can you tell me where I can find the most recent source to build rtkrcv by myself?

Regarding the dynamic platform model: I don’t think that this has influence on the raw data which is used by RTKLIB. I think this just influences the position calculation on the U-Blox M8T/M8N itself.



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If have read the 2. Part or rtklibexplorers blog “Ublox M8N vs M8T: Part 2”.

this are exactly the same problems i have… i lost fix in a perfect surrounding und get a float solution that not works for agricultural use… i am very frustrated at the moment…

i hope emild uses new beta code from him and maybe talk with ublox about this problems!!!

regards Andreas

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Hi Igor, do you have any news regarding the compilation of rtkrcv?
At the moment I cannot yet get as good results with Reach as i achieved with an Ublox M8N on a Windows laptop with self compiled RTKNAVI.

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