Integration between Reach RS and Laptop using passive bluetooth

Hey guys, I am trying to use survey software on my laptop with my Reach RS units. What I need is the software to access the raw data log files (every second). So it is not position output that I need. Is there a way to setup Reach RS so that I can connect my laptop to the Reach RS via BT and let the software read the Reach RS log files constantly (every second)??

I can connect my laptop to the Reach with no issues. But setting up the EZ Field software to access the log files has been unsuccessful. Any help will be appreciated.


In the EZ Field software, there is option to select multiple GNSS Drivers.

Altus APS-3 Bluttooth
Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor
Hemisphere GNSS
Mesa2 - ublox_M8T
MavCom Sapphire
Novatel DL-V3 Bluetooth
Novatel OEM4/OEMV
Penta G6ni Novatel BT
Septentrio RX2
SXBlue Bluetooth
SXBlue Serial/USB
uBlox M8T

If the EZ Field software can not communicate directly with the Emlid Reach RS, then it just needs to read the uBlox raw log files each second. So maybe there is a way to just map the log files so that EZ Field can read them?? Again, thanks for any help on this.

What kind of communication type does the software support?

I will find out. I know their EZ Tag software supports NMEA but the EZ Field does not. Will post back with more details. Thanks for checking back!!

We only support outputting the solution(like NMEA), not the raw data. Raw data logs are available for post-processing.

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