Integrating Reach with DJI Drones

Greetings everyone!
I was looking for a proper documentation of the steps involved in installing reach module in DJI drones to be specific.
It would be great to know if someone has done the same with such kind of drones which comes with build in GPS units. Your observations and feedback would be a great value to us.

Thank You.

I can see how to do it in post processing using exiftool to replace the position in the pictures
But not in real time

Do you just merge the log with the images based on time? Do you need any shutter events etc? Or just a log file to merge?

Hey @Simon_Allen , thanks for your reply.
Can you please elaborate how you do it?

DigiKam allows the placing of new coordinates based on time into the exif data. GPSBABEL or QGIS can convert your reach LLH file to GPX.

that sounds interesting, can you please write in brief each step involved in the software you above mentioned.
It would solve our problems (labour and time).
Thank You.

Before I respond…
Are you an academic, not-for-profit or commercial enterprise?

Just postprocess your file in rtkpost. export as gpx (make sure you include time) open digikam and merge the gpx file into the selected photos.

I’m an Under Graduate student.
Thank you very much !

What app / tool are you using to make the survey?
Please can you send me the log file it creates?
The exif data only records the time to the integer second (3 seconds back from the save time) whereas the log files like
MapPilot (paid app) log or Pix4D(free app) log record the camera request events to the milisecond.
These events are the key to integrating reach

we use Pix4D capture for the survey.

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