Integrating Reach with devices that dont support PIN Input

Since updating the firmware on my Reach RS and updating to the ReachView3 app I am no longer able to connect to my device and stream NMEA over bluetooth. The issue being my device does not support the input of a PIN code. Is there a way to disable the need for a PIN code or to downgrade to an older firmware version?

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I am wondering if this is the problem some are having with Bluetooth connection? Seems the common thing here is updating from a prior version to firmware 26???

I have to revisit this, but my older Trimble Nomad 900 was working fine on older firmware versions with my Reach RS units (about a year or less)… then updated to latest firmware 26 as soon as released then it hasn’t connected via Bluetooth since using Windows Mobile 6.1. I do not think it asks for a pairing code either.

I don’t think I am the only crazy one here… seems to have affected others… something must have changed?

My Windows 10 Surface tablets connect fine though.

This may explain why we are having this problem now? I am guessing this was changed in firmware 26?

Emlid, please let us know, and if this can please be returned or some other solution if need be. There are many devices, data collectors, that may not use passcodes. Thank you.

I agree, Emlid should allow the option for disabling this feature. For developers who “know” there device is safe they should be able to pair bluetooth without the need for a PIN code.

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Hi everyone,

Since 26 Reach Firmware, the Bluetooth connection is protected by the PIN code. As Reach receivers don’t initiate the Bluetooth connection, the device you’re pairing Reach with should be capable of adding the PIN number.

This is how we intend the connection to work. As Svetlana has already mentioned, this is implemented for safety reasons: without PIN protection, your data can be easily accessible by other devices.

Currently, we’re not planning to change the workflow with the PIN-coded connection. We’ll discuss this with the team, though.

If you describe your workflow with Reach receivers in more detail, we can suggest alternative solutions for your cases.

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