Integrated image processing with different resolutions

Hello friends.
In a photogrammetric block consisting of several flight types.
Some time mark may be float or single.
What is your idea for processing with Metashape software?
How many images of Sean time mark’s are not fixed does not affect the accuracy of the work?
Basically, the amount of errors that RTK posts is an absolute value, not a relative one that can be used.
The method I use is to uncheck images that do not have a time mark fixed before the optimize step.

Hi Reza!

I’m not familiar with Metashape capabilities. However, regarding events with float and single solutions, did you try to achieve a fixed solution in PPK with Emlid Studio?

The results with different solutions can differ by a few meters.

Hello Andrew
Yes, I used emlid Studio and the results were similar to Rtk lib.
What should be done to prepare orthophotos and point cloud after processing ppk with images that are not fixed?

Reza, you can try different settings for PPK to achieve a fully FIXed solution. If, after that, you don’t have all the time marks in Fix, you can send the dataset to me to for analysis.

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