Installing ArduPilot - New Navio2 docs

Hi, I’ve been following the navio2 docs for the past week and just realized the new scheme deleted a part of the old codumentation for ArduPilot.
On “Instalation and Running” it no longer show the commands
sudo apt-key add emlid-autopilot-gpg.key
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install apm-navio2

Nor does it show how to download the stable binary, or the command to run ArduPilot after following these steps (both which I do not remember by heart).

That’s how I had previously installed and runned it, but my raspberry turned off (the power supply to my lab was cutoff due to lightning) while ArduPilot was being updated and now I have to re-install it. I tried following the new docs hoping to install ArduPilot, but I receive no greetings after connecting through SSH.

Would anyone have the previous commands for installing and running it? Or could anyone guide me through the instalation?

Thank you!

Hi Anderson,

You no longer need those commands, please use our recently released image and follow the initial setup procedures:

Folks at Emlid,

Bravo on your new image for Navio2. I like the integrated gstreamer and the concept of running ardupilot as a service.

Nice job,