Install a static route on RPi boot

I am able to install default and or a static route by using the command: route add default eth1.
However, I cannot get it to remain persistent after a reboot.

I searched for methods, but none worked for me. One spoke of adding a script to /usr/lib/dhcpcd/ but that directory is not present in the Emlid distirbution.

Please guide me on this. I need to make a default route or a static route for my LTE modem.



is eth1 assigned to your LTE modem ?
the command you are using is non persistent, hence it will not survive a reboot, thats normal and on purpose.
has nothing to do with navio, best is to look at raspberry or linux forum for further details.
if i remember correctly you have to add a line to the file /etc/network/interfaces would look like this

iface eth0 inet dhcp
up route add -net netmask gw metric 1

you have to exchange eth0 with the interface of your LTE modem an of cource the ip adresses you want to use