Instale ReachView 3 or reach view P.C. on my tablet

Greetings how to install the reachview 3 app or reach view pc on my tablet angun link or how to do thanks

Saludos cómo instalar la aplicación reachview 3 o reach view pc en mi tableta angun link o cómo hacerlo gracias


ReachView 3 only runs on Android or iOS at this time.


Nice tablet, do you have a link for it, specs and cost?

Yeah, I guess no app etc of ReachView 3 for Windows. But can use ReachView by logging into units hotspot and/or it’s ip address via web browser.

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Hi Jarn,

Thanks for reaching out!

The ReachView 3 app is available in AppStore and Google Play only.

From a Windows tablet, you may connect to your Reach device via Reach Panel. It can be accessed via any browser. You need to know Reach’s IP address.

If your tablet is connected to Reach’s hotspot, enter your Reach’s hotspot IP address in the address bar in a browser. It’s always

If your Reach device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, identify Reach’s IP address first. To do that, scan this network. For example, you can use the app “Fing.” It’s available for Windows. After scanning, enter identified Reach’s IP address in the address bar in a browser.


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