Insane Roll/Pitch Behavior in GUIDED Mode Only

Hello, I have a problem I’m trying to work through.

When flying in GUIDED mode, the drone aggressively rotates out of control along the pitch and roll axes. I am testing a very simple dronekit script to takeoff and land. The drone flies fine in LOITER mode right before attempting the script. This happens consistently when attempting this GUIDED mode dronekit script, and it is all so confusing because it consistently flies fine in any non-GUIDED/AUTO mode.

This is a simple script I have ran successfully many times in the past, and even on this drone.


Raspberry Pi 4
OS Image: Buster
ArduCopter Version: 4.0.3
Pi Cam with shielded/insulated ribbon cable
External M8N GPS and Compass connected via UART port
TF Mini Rangefinder connected via USB->UART

92.bin (926.5 KB) 93.bin (625.5 KB) 94.bin (1.1 MB)

92.bin is a manual and successful LOITER flight right before the crashes
93.bin is a GUIDED mode crash powered by a dronekit script
94.bin is a another GUIDED mode crash powered by a dronekit script

In 93.bin and 94.bin, the actual pitch/roll is way higher than the desired pitch/roll in the ATT log type. There don’t appear to be any errors flagged by the FC until the drone crashes.

I am wondering if this is an ESC synchronization issue, and the takeoff command in the GUIDED script occurs too quickly and the motors respond different. In the past, occasionally the ARMING MOTORS command in the dronekit script would only successfully arm 3 of the motors, and the drone would immediately flip when the TAKEOFF command provided thrust, which also makes me suspicious of maybe an ESC sync issue?

Once I fix the drone after the crash(es), I am going to attempt a dronekit script once it is already in the air to test this hypothesis.

[HELP ME :)]
Does anyone see anything suspicious in the log files, or have any ideas on what may be causing the crazy pitch/roll behavior in GUIDED mode?

Thanks so much! :smile:

Hi @caleb,

I’ll look into your log files and will let you know about any results and conclusions.

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I downgraded to AC-3.5.5 and everything works perfectly, GUIDED mode works fine. There seems to be something about AC-4.0.3 that specifically affects GUIDED mode. Of note, my compass heading is 180 degrees off in AC-4.0.3 when using the external compass, but works fine in AC-3.5.5. Might be related or might be a separate issue.

Hi @caleb,

Glad that you’ve resolved your issue!

Is it possible that after downgrading you’ve done something specific that was not done on the new 4.0.3 version? Maybe, additional calibration?

Hi there Mikhail,

I would say with almost certainty that this is not the case. Additionally, external compass discovery in 4.0.3 had the compass heading off by 180 degrees, while in 3.5.5 it was correct.