INS problems


I have some problems when I want to run the APM. Also, my quad copter doesn’t start at this command sudo ArduCopter-quad -C udp:, it starts just when is with single.

Can you post a picture of how everything is connected? Did you fix Navio2 with provided screws? APM can not connect to the IMU.


Hello, Theodor! Have you fixed the board with screws? I suspect a connection problem.

It is ok?

It started but nowI have the problem with the quad. Here is a short film

enter link description here

It seems like you have a typo :slight_smile: I think you meant tcp:<ip>:<port>:wait and not ```tcpC:::wait

There’s a chance I could not make out the command because of the blur and lost focus in the video.

The raspberry was too hot. I rezolved it. Thanks.