Inputting NRCan results to the Position Tab in RTKPOST

I have successfully used the NRCan website to get coordinates for my base but I am confused on how to input the coordinates from the report in the Base Station boxes of the Positions tab in RTKPOST. Is it the Lat/long/Height(deg/m) or Lat/long/Height(dms/m) or something else? Also, the grayed-in numbers already in those boxes for lat/long/height have only a single decimal “.” while the NRCan Lat longs use degree symbols and apostrophes. How do I reduce those to just using a single decimal? And one thing more, is it an issue that the NRCan position is in NAD83? Do I need to convert it before input?

Thank you!

It sounds like you get DMS from NRCAN.
You will need to convert NAD83 to WSG84, otherwise you will get an offset. But, as far as I remember, you can get NRCAN to into ITRS, which should be very very close to WSG84.

Hi @green.cosmos,

As @wizprod said, you need convert NAD38 to WGS84 firstly.

‐ Lat/Lon/Height (deg/m) is Latitude/longitude/height in degree and m
‐ Lat/Lon/Height (dms/m) is Latitude/longitude/height in degree/minute/second and m

You should choose the first option.

Ah- I do see an ITRF option there… How close is “very close”? Thank you very much!

Thank you Tatiana! What is your recommended conversion application?

Hi Paul,

You can use any online converter or do it in GIS (ex. QGIS). There are a lot of them, you can try this one I’ve found.

Finally, we have for example this ITRF14(2018) latitude result: 50° 36’ 53.39002" from NRCan. Notice the degree signs and apostrophes while the input boxes in the Positions tab have a (grayed in) number with a single decimal. Can I input the degree sign and apostrophes or is there a method I must use to make it conform to the grayed in format?
Thank you.

Yep, just select DMS as input, however, I usually convert it to decimal. Less confusing in my mind.

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