Inputting manual base coordinates in base mode

I wanted to double check that I am entering my manual base coordinates correctly. I obtained a “known point” using a survey grade GPS and got a report from OPUS. I attached a screenshot below with these coordinates used. Is it correct that in the “base mode” settings, I need to input them in WGS format and convert them to decimal degrees? For example, for my latitude it would be about 19.737572? Also, what do I enter in the “Height, m” box in the base settings? Is it the ellipsoidal height or orthometric height found in the OPUS report?

I eventually want to record my survey project in the “NAD83/Hawaii Zone 5 EPSG:26965” coordinate system. Does this make a difference for how I set up my base mode settings, etc?

Thank you in advance for anyone who may provide helpful advice! I am fairly new to using Emild RTK equipment so thanks for learning with me. Please let me know if there are any follow up questions.
Screenshot 2023-05-08 140944

Hi !
yes you can enter the OPUS coordinates manually.

You can actually enter them directly in DMS as you have in the OPUS report. You just need to select the DMS tab in Emlid Flow in the base coordinates configuration page instead of the DD tab, which is for decimal degrees values.

You enter the ellipsoidal height.

No, the rover will convert everything on the go. It uses the coordinates from the base to compute its own position, and then apply the projection formula so you will get EPSG 26965 coordinates in your project.


Thank you for the very simple and helpful response, I really appreciate it!

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