Input format

How to change the input format from RTCM3 to RTCM2?

Hi @verloop.ton,

Reach receivers work with correction messages in the RTCM3 format only.

Before there was an option between 3 and 2

Here in Thailand sometimes RTCM3 doesn’t work and have to change to RTCM2

Hi @verloop.ton,

At the moment, Reach receivers support the latest RTCM3 format only. RTCM2 format is no longer supported, and we don’t have plans on returning it to the software.

That makes your product useless in some places of Thailand. I guess there are more places in the world where NTRIP casts with RTCM2. Remember, not everywhere in the world technologies are as advanced as in Europe. Some developing countries (like Thailand) have NTRIP services that are maybe a bit outdated, but they work.

Hi @verloop.ton,

Thanks for explaining your point. Some NTRIP providers indeed continue using the RTCM2 format. However, the format is obsolete, so we decided to abandon it in favor of a more modern and industry-standard RTCM3.

You may take a look at the RTK2go community free NTRIP caster. It allows you to get the corrections stream from another user’s base station nearby. So, if someone transmits RTCM3 corrections, your Reach will be able to use them.

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