Input Base Coordinate RTK not working

Okay, I was trying to get back on a site that I had already localized on. I placed my base on a point I had set. I went to base setup and input the Latitude, Longitude, and height. After this point the rover was showing the base station sattelites and base station location but it would not build any AR ratio and showed it was in Autonomous (FieldGenius) Single (ReachView). Any suggestions?

What’s happening?! Totally sorry, just remembered I saw your missed call and forgot to call you back. I am guessing it was about this?

The only time I have experienced something similar is when my base coordinate was not near enough to the actual location. This is odd with the Emlid gear even running FieldGenius because Reachview is still controlling the corrections.

Did you input the coords for the base or just pick the point?

Have you tried another point?

It’s a hard one without being there. Worst case maybe recreate the project and export/import all the data?

I think I may have converted my project coordinates into LAT LONG HEIGHT decimal degrees. Should I have been using my geographic coordinates for the point I shot for the base?

So you shot DD.DDDD and entered DDMMSS?

No, I shot the point in NEZ. I took those coordinates into QGIS and exported it to WGS84 DD.DDDD. Geographic coordinates were recorded in the observation also but were in DDMMSS.

Look at the localization and see how the points were tagged. When you setup the project you choose which format you want to use and I think the same option is available in QGIS.

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