Initial doubts

Hi guys, I’m starting on the great world of Raspberry and Navio+.
And I have the follow doubt: Is it possible to send commands from the Raspberry to the Navio+ without transmission Radio?
For exemple: Can I programar a python script to send commands to the quad to go forward, stop, go up and so on? Is it possible?
My intention is build a autonomo drone. Can I do this with Navio+ ?

Warley R. Mendes

Hello Warley,

Yes, it is possible to control APM without RC transmitter. APM accepts MAVLink commands, which can be used to set waypoints and even RC control overrides. Also, there’s a a great tool for this called MAVProxy which is written in Python.

Hi mikhailavkhimenia, thanks for your reply.
Then I will buy a Navio+ to start my studies.

Warley R. Mendes

Hey @warleymendes I’m also a bit new here… I’m also working on an autonomous drone… For you inital set up this can help:

Here is an interesting post on how to control your drone with a joystick via 4G…

For safety sake I suggest @CavP28 @warleymendes both have transmitters as backup. Autonomous commands are easy, once everything is tuned and dialed in. Good luck pid tuning APM with a playstation remote. Even once your dialed in stuff still goes wrong and when it does you will want a transmitter to reel your months of work and effort back in to a safe landing.

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