Initial connection to Reach?

Hi I just recieved my Reach in the mail and I am trying to connect to the wi-fi and bring up the reach view interface. I have connected via a USB cable to one of my laptop ports that I usually charge my phone from and all that I am getting on the Reach module is a flashing Blue then Blue/Red light and I cant see the wifi access point on either my windows laptop or my android phone ? Help please


It is not booting up properly if that sequence repeats over and over. So try plugging into a USB wall charger or USB power bank instead of your laptop and see if it the LED sequence is the same repeating pattern or not.


As @bide stated, not booting up properly

The app will not launch until the time sync is complete. Internet connection allows this to happen automatically, but in hotspot mode Reach requires a connected antenna with some satellite visibility

You might wanne try reach outside with, and make sure antenna is connected properly

Thanks guys - that was the problem got it all going now - wasn’t getting enough juice from the laptop port