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Hi everyone,
I apologize if this is a duplicated thread.
im a newbie in this world and i have some question that i couldn’t answer by myself.

1)can Navio2 be easly setup for 4g / 3g telemetry ?(if that’s the case, is there any documentation ?)
2)if Navio2 lose connection (3/4 g) , is there any ‘failsafe’ function to bring it back home ?

i’d like to achieve a plane with autonomous flight that can take pictures at a specific coordinates.
Im really scared about loosing everything in the wild due to connection loss, trying for example to take a picture of a mountain peak.

Sorry for my bad english.

I will try to share some feedback although I am also very new and have very basic ideas if any.

Reg. cellular data telemetry - you basically plug the 3g/4g usb modem to Raspberry Pi - OR - you hook up to seprate autonomous 4g wifi access point (router) purchasable in town.

Then you just configure ardupilot config (it is documented - yes), and Ground Control Station (and Mav Proxy if used).

It is pure ardupilot connection/network setup - NO ardupilot functional setup is affected (I believe that was your concern), and its normal usage - over 4g.

The setup works in client mode, server mode and also using MavProxy relay (proxy) in the middle.

You will need 1 public IP for server or for Mav Proxy.

That being said, I faced connectivity issues in some setups and had to use combination of UDP and TCP traffic. Not sure if UDP connectivity over 4g can be restricted in some operators.
I also faced reconnection issues for applications.

Additionally the ardupilot documentation lacks about UDP/TCP server/client modes ebablement - I had to figure out few things myself.

Above addresses your question #1.

So its a positive answer WITH some extra efforts from your side on hardening your setup.

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