Informal Poll: What do you use Emlid/GNSS for?

Emlid has opened up centimeter-level precision with a price point that expands to a wide variety of industries beyond land surveying and mapping.

So what’s your industry and use case?

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We are in surveying, construction and UAV mapping. I initially approached the devices as a cost-effective alternative to our non cost-effective Topcon receivers that I could hand out to the site supervisors for general stakeout without fear of incurring a large cost when they break them… and they will. I am hoping to get some RS2’s soon as I am pretty sure that will be the ticket, but the RS+ units are just too unstable for our needs at this time.


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#1 GCP collection for photogrammetry
#2 RTK/PPK on drones
#3 Water-related survey from topo/drainage on small properties; to large farm irrigation/drainage; to river erosion; to bathymetry of lakes, rivers, and sea; to land slide/sluff or glacier movements; to iceberg flow and migration.
#4 Land survey / asset management
#5 Machine guidance (autosteer, autonomous vehicles)
#6 Mining (related to #1, but a very distinct segment) stockpile volumes, layout for blasting, etc.

That is my observation in somewhat of an order with #4 rising. Well, actually they are all rising as people catch on to Reach devices and what they can do. Mostly I think it is people for whom the pre-existing survey equipment seemed either not capable in their price range, or capable, but out of reach for their budget. The other group is those looking to economize by replacing older, really expensive hardware with newer product technology at a far more reasonable price.

Who did I miss? probably a lot :wink:


:cow2: :poop: location.


dispersion analysis for behaviour research? or for predicting methane production volumes?


I would not be a pretty place to be. :face_vomiting:

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[:moneybag: bets that @chascoadmin flys that job without a single GCP :grey_exclamation:]


Hey, that’s an idea! ; ) No more messy :hiking_boot::hiking_boot: or rover pole topo foot.

I’ll have to git one of those drone thingys. :helicopter:

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We’ve been surveying with a total station for years. Our primary work has been small area topos so that’s been enough for our type of work. I had L1 static heads for benchmark and control surveys. I stopped using it when Sokkia stopped supporting and authorizing their software and was bummed by the limitations of RTKPost.
Looking at getting a fixed-wing drone soon, so naturally I’ll start using PPK at that point. It’s really nice being able to survey solo, though.


I was looking for a dual frequency multi-constellation receiver as an alternative to topcon hiper + and hiperV.
I was surprised to find that EMLID exists.
I deal with surveys on construction sites, topographic surveys of infrastructures (railways, roads, ditches, quarries, woods, buildings …) cadastral re-adjustments etc …
I don’t know the PPK world, I’ve always used RTK solutions.


PPK might be a good enhancement to your program when setting up your control networks. Once you have processed the points you can then use them for your GC3. We have always located control and setup the network with our robot, but using PPK on the GPS has proven as an accurate and trustworthy alternative. The robot is fine for 10ac and less, but moving forward anything larger will be done with PPK.

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