Incredibly bad support and terrible sales expirence

6 months of a waiting for a product, nothing is delivered (apparently product lost on the way somehow), and yet they refuse to honor a refund after such a terrible and LONG ordering experience. Stay away!! if support is indicative of the product I dodged a bullet here.

Not trying to justify it but it is an industry wide issue. It affects many other industries as well.

In order to give you perspective, I am a Trimble dealer. I have units on order from last April, 6 months ago, that I still haven’t received and are sold to a customer once they arrive. One of them paid up front as they did the total purchase through Ag Credit and I still owe him $14,000 worth of product.

I know John Deere GPS is 6 months or more out from ordering right now. 6 months is just a best guess at that. Everything COVID caused has created multiple shortages affecting many industries.

Personally, I have had a GREAT experience with Emlid! If I had any issues, I posted here on the forum and normally one of the forum member answered but in less than 24 hours an Emlid employee confirmed the information and or added some other insights.


support and refusing to honor a refund after such a bad and long experience is not an industry issue, its emlid alone. I’m at the CTO of my company and I never experienced something like this, people that have extremely long lead times go above and beyond to make sure clients are assured but not these guys!!! never dealing with them again

What company would give you a refund whenever they had shipped the product already? They would loose both product and money.
Contact the courier and get a status instead.


To clear things up more, product has been lost since November 1st, and they refused the refund after asking me to wait and offering me an unwanted discount

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And to answer your question every other company I deal with would (assuming they’re not somehow losing most of customers packages that it becomes unprofitable)… accounting for that stuff is just good support and business, especially when you have someone wait for 6 months. That’s why I’ll continue working with those companies and not this one.

and these packages should be INSURED!!! that’s why people refund these orders!!!

but guessing they’ll keep both, my money and the insurance :joy:

Have you priced out the competition by chance?

Sorry for your wait for your drone toy, but maybe you have not become aware of the massive chip shortage affecting all industries at the moment.

If you stick around on the forum, I think you will find the free RTK education is worth more than the equipment.


lol, again… toy or not, how people behave has nothing to do with the shortage.

Maybe none of my business, but it looks to me as if you didn’t give the right address

19:04 On the Way
The receiver has moved. We’re attempting to obtain a new delivery address for this receiver.
Los Angeles, CA, United States
12:33 The receiver has moved. We’re attempting to obtain a new delivery address for this receiver.
Los Angeles, CA, United States
9:25 Out For Delivery Today
Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Looks to me like I did

Keep the average product, insurance money and bad reviews. Thankfully I don’t need it nor am I willing to compromise on support for “pricey competition…” happy to pay 100 times for other toys to not deal with these excuses.

Looks more to me Nezare is one of “entitled” citizens.


Hi everyone,

Thanks you all guys for participation! Still, I’d ask you to stay within our Community guidelines and keep from negative remarks. We would want everyone to find our forum civil and kind so that you can enjoy your experience here.

Waiting for your parcel to arrive is never pleasant. Even when the Global Component Shortage happens, you still have a right to expect your board to arrive as promised. It’s a real frustration.

That’s why we’ve now issued a full refund for Nezare. This process was a bit complicated once the parcel had been already sent. So it inevitably took a bit longer as a lot of 3rd-party communication and managing was involved.

@nchafni, when the parcel arrives at yours, please, reject it. This way we will receive the board back. Your Sales Support agent Szilvia will guide you through the steps necessary for it. Thanks!


Thank you for that extremely professional, courteous and considerate remark Polina.

Just for the record, I had to wait several months (about 4 or 5) for my RS2 receivers to arrive. It was a very nerve-wracking and frustrating period. When the receivers arrived and I started using them - it turned out to be worth the wait.
In retrospect, would I have cancelled the order and gone with another brand because of the unduly long wait?
No way!!!


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