Increased Accuracy with 2 Rovers


My task is to map forest tracks. accuracy should be around 0.5 to 1m. Of course a normal GPS will not work. So i ordered the reach kit. I have not received it but I am thinking how to improve.

As I will use it in the forest I have heard from some experts that this will be a hard task with “normal” antennas and RTK because of multi path problems.

The idea:
If I use booth reach GPS modules on a stick with 50cm known distance. I can use a averaging or something more sofisticated to get a better solution for the position. Theoretically a raw solution can be calculated with the knowledge that the 2 antennas are exactly 50cm away. I expect a more reliabel result with less multi path problems.

Would this help?
Has anyone done something like this?

thank you and best regards


I also would be interested in hearing about this.

That is an interesting idea. It also sounds like a complicated math problem.

I wonder if anyone has tried something like this before?

Could one pretend like it is a dual frequency receiver and being able to assign a antenna different phase center for each frequency (50cm apart)? (of course, without the advantages of having separate frequencies).