Incorrect voltage reading with power module

The voltage and current readings in either example do not make sense when using the power module; do they need a scale factor other than the division by 1000 in the example?

  1. Image and ArduPilot version.
    emlid-raspbian-20190227, Ardupilot not used
  2. Detailed problem description. How does observed behavior differ from the expected one?
    Calling the built in example returns an A0 that makes sense, but the other values may need to be scaled. Example:
    pi@navio:~/Navio2/MyPython $ python
    A0: 4.9980V A1: 18.4690V A2: 1.0620V A3: 0.0000V A4: 0.0180V A5: 0.0240V
    A0: 5.0220V A1: 18.4690V A2: 1.0660V A3: 0.0000V A4: 0.0240V A5: 0.0220V
    A0: 5.0190V A1: 18.4690V A2: 1.0640V A3: 0.0000V A4: 0.0240V A5: 0.0240V
    A0: 5.0190V A1: 18.4690V A2: 1.0680V A3: 0.0000V A4: 0.0220V A5: 0.0280V
    Nothing connected is at 18.5Volts, and the 1.0 volt reading does not make sense, either.
    Step by step:
    Use image above. Git clone the examples as in documentation.
    Connection setup:
    3cell lipo battery connected to power module; which connects to both Navio power port and ESC/BEC. ESC/BEC connects to servo rail, and DSMX receiver connects to sbus input through a PWM-SBUS converter.

The problem occurs without external hardware; e.g., multimeter reads on the voltage levels to do not match and applying known voltage to an ADC rail does not read properly.

I see Emlid was able to reproduce this issue in April–any updates?

Hi @i.f,

We are still working on the correct voltage displaying on Navio2. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

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