Incorrect time zone using reachview 3 and RS2 device

Hello everyone,

I´ve been trying to collect points using RS2 and it is working well, although I have found myself with a problem regarding to the logging time data. The time that appears when I select the option to save the raw data, is not the real time of where I am, and when I post-process I do not get the right time. Do someone know how to change the time in reachview or RS2 to my local time GMT-6. I am currently using Reachview 3 on my tablet.


Normally, all epochs in GNSS files are in UTC (global time), not local time. I don’t remember any place where you can set your local time in RV3.


As @Gabriel_C mentioned, at the time being Reach will record UTC-00 time.

Hi Luis,

As Gabriel and @TB_RTK noticed, epochs in raw data logs are in UTC. To get your local time, you will need to subtract 6 hours from the log’s time.

Please note that for PPK point collection, you will need to split the continuous RINEX log. That’s why we usually suggest collecting points in RTK. If you collect points in RTK with ReachView 3, you can download them in the local time in a CSV file.

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