Inconsistent rtk fix

Using rs2 systems. One base and 2 rovers. For over a year worked wonderfully and now can’t get fixed position. Turned off some messages as read in forum that can cause issues. Helped some but still isn’t working consistently. Did some testing. Attaching files.
Firmware 26.2 then updated to newest and still had issues. ReachView 3 app.
Link to files here: LongmontEmlidTest - Google Drive

Hi Sharon,

The reason is the data quality - there are gaps and cycle slips. Usually, the quality decreases in harsh environmental conditions or because of RF interference. What’s the environment you’re working in? Can your units calculate Fix when placed in an open area with no electronics nearby?

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Hi there! Thanks for your reply. It is in an urban area. Is there an app I can check RF interference with? thanks

I dont think there is an app for that. Noise comes in some many forms and levels.
Easiest just to move the unit into an area e.g open field and record some data to verify its not the receiver it self.


Hi Sharon,

@TB_RTK is right. But overall, you can check the data quality in Emlid Studio, as I did above. If there’s low SNR, cycle slips, and gaps, consider changing the placement.

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