IMU status

Just checking in on the status of the IMU functionality/capability; specifically, with respect to the RS2. This thread is quite and haven’t seen any traffic on this since late 2020. Perhaps this has been resolved via firmware? Thanks and please advise.

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Hi Zach,

Nothing new to tell you here, though. RS2 doesn’t use IMU data in calculations.

We’re looking for solutions that will make it possible, but it’s a complex process. It requires thorough research and development and it’s currently in progress.

I succeeded in reading IMU from RS2, but we have to make our own programs to fetch the data. Currently there is no support yet in the emlid-software, so keep in mind there is not support from Emlid at the moment.

Biggest issue for now is that we cannot start this software at boot of the device :frowning:
For more details/history/forks of software which have support for the IMU-chip, see Success with IMU data! - #22 by abertier
(previous, and following posts also contain lot’s of usefull information, but that’s the post where I started to get things working)

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