IMU raw data log

Hi, I’ve received my couple of Emlid and I’m very happy with that.
I’ve got a question for you guys: I didn’t understand how to log the raw data of inertial sensors.
Actually I’ve understood that they are not already used for improving GNSS receiver performances and that we are waiting for future improvements of RTKlib regarding the integration with IMU.
But I would like to handle raw data and see how to use them in order to calculate the orientation of the device.

Thank you very much in advance for your suggestions,


Hi Elisa, welcome to the community!
IMU data logging is a work in progress and will be released in one of the future updates.

Hi Mikhail,

thank you for your welcome,

so I wait for this new update, it would be very cute!
In the meanwhile I’ll enjoy Emlid (let me switch on some more topics within the Forum :D).