IMU data over TCP

I have read that RTK should support IMU output somehow someday. Is there any concrete ETA for that?

Until that, I would like to ask, what would be the bast way to serve IMU data from RTK module? I have tried MPUtest as discussed here: IMU data from Reach Kit

The problem is that ssh buffers output and I get a lot of messages once (and then silence for some time etc). I wold really like to have a better control over the communication - every messages gets sent right after reading it.

Does someone have a suggestion on how to write a TCP (or some other) server inside RTK module? It’s not probably a good idea to write up a huge stack which takes a lot of additional CPU. May-be Reach dev team already have some ideas or even started working on it?


I gave up on the Reach IMU for foot based operations. Far better solution is a standalone (and cheap) oblu personal dead reckoner. It is a great complement to Reach and can be easily integrated (in post processing) to noisy satellite nav under trees for example.

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