IMU compass?

Would you be able to at least use the IMU to display the direction you are facing on the display?

It very helpful to have.

Hi Andreas,

There are no updates for this: Reach doesn’t use IMU data in the RTK solution. I’m curious which direction type you want to see on display? Would you mind sharing the benefit of using it in your project?

Knowing where north is make it easier to know how to position yourself on stakeout.

So just a compass heading on screen would help.

Like Trimble has a drop-shape where you are and the tip points the direction you look, but you have to have the leds pointing towards you so it displayed correctly.



Got you. I suppose it’s not related to IMU values. It is likely a matter of calculating distance and bearing from the receiver’s coordinates to the stakeout point coordinates.

We receive, collect and keep in mind. I noted yours as well. However, I can’t hardly give you any exact timeframes for implementation since it requires thorough and complex research. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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The IMU has direction in it as well as other stuff.

You just need the compass heading. It might not be map north but magnetic north is also helpful.

Hi Andreas,

Thank you for the explanation! I agree it improves stakeout navigation significantly. We’ll take into account your wishes while thinking of implementation.

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You can implement one thing at a time.

Start with compass and end with tilt.