IMU calibration APM planner


I am trying to get the IMU data of my navio2 to work.
Therefore I use APM planner to process the imu data.
I was able to calibrate the accelerometer and the magnetometer, but I can’t find the calibration for the gyroscope. Is it not needed to calibrate the gyro?
Or should I try in a different way?

Thanks in advance!


Calibration of gyroscope starts during ardupilot initialization (LED’s flashing red and blue). Do not move the copter until gyroscope calibration is completed. This article can help you.

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Ok, thanks for your reply!
I did some research and found:
Accelerometers are callibrated to compensate Bias and scale factor.
The same for gyroscopes.
Magnetometers are callibrated to compensate bias of hard iron, bias for soft iron, scale factor and misalignment.
I think it’s correct, but correct me if I’m wrong.

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