Impossible to remove Wi-Fi network from Reach RS2

We have a Reach RS2 receiver. In order to check and update the software I connected it to the Wi-Fi network of my apartment. Despite I connected and did the update without any issue, I have an issue to remove the network from the receiver.

I activate the hotspot, receiver creates its own network, I am connected to this new Reach network, and when I select the saved Wi-Fi network of my apartment and choose to Forget, I see a message that ‘’ Network was not removed’’ .

I believe that it is a bug as when I try to repeat the procedure with the wi-fi network of my phone, I managed to remove it.

Probably due to the exist of special characters in the name of the wi-fi network, there is an issue to remove it. Is there anyone with similar experience?

Is there any solution apart of the reset of the whole RS2 receiver?

Hi @dkyritsis,

Thanks for the full description! It’d be great if you could share the Full System Report from the unit with me. This way, we’ll be able to check through the system logs why the delete didn’t happen correctly.

As Full System Report contains a lot of sensitive information about your device, it’s better not to share it publicly. Please, send it to me via PM or through the

Hi Polina,
Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
Sure I can export it and forward to you during the next minutes.
Can you may help me how to export this report as I am a new user?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Polina,
Just saw your link.
I will export it and forward it to the support email.

Hi @dkyritsis,

Sure, you can share the report via email with us. To share the data with me via PM, you can upload it to the File Sharing websites like WeTransfer or Google Drive.

Hi Polina,
Which is exactly your email to share it also to you apart of the general support email address?

Just pic her picture and use “message”

Hi @dkyritsis,

I’ve received your report, thanks! We’ll check what could the cause of the issue here.

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to tell you that we have found the root of the issue and will fix it in the upcoming firmware update. I’ll inform you when it’s out.

Hey everyone,

I’ve come back to you quickly :slight_smile:

We’ve just released the Reach Firmware 26.2 for all devices. It should help you to delete the known Wi-Fi network if the SSID contains special symbols.

The full list of fixes is, as always, available in this post. It’d be great if you could test the new version and share your results with us.

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