Impossible to increase GPS Data Rate ( linked to GNSS Config )

I have been working on the Navio2 exemples for one month and I’m still stuck at one point, concerning the UBLOX M8.
Indeed, I couldn’t manage to raise the frequency of the UBLOX to 10 Hz.

It seems that the issue is the GNSS configuration : by Default, the UBX module takes multiple GNSS constellation (GPS + Glonass + QZSS + … ) which restrain its max output frequency, thus it’s impossible to get data at 10 Hz.
The only way to have the data at 10 Hz is to change parameters on U-Center (via Utilities/ublox-to-tcp) , enabling only the GPS constellation (in CFG-GNSS) and disabling the others.
Unfortunately, The settings only stay for max a day, then reset automatically (due to spi-memory written on flash ??? ) . Maybe there is a way to fix UBX-CFG parameters easily in the ublox.cpp ?

I have tried to use the .configureSolutionRate function, but I couldn’t manage to improve the frequency with it (when displaying the GPS sample time).

Thank you,

Hi @JeanDrone,

We’ve added this functionality 2 weeks ago, could you be as kind as to update your Navio2 repo?

I have updated the repo, but the function doesn’t change the rate of the M8N for me. (The only time the rate is accurate is when I choose only the GPS constellation on Ucenter).

Hi Jean,

With Glonass On, the highest possible frequency is 5Hz. Do you have only GPS enabled?

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