Impossible to import files as they are greyed out

Hi everyone,

On an iPhone 7, iOS 14.4 one get unable to import a CSV file. The format of the file has been checked - it’s as sample from here. Actually the problem that occurs is that the files while browsing get all greyed out and not clickable during the “choose file” step.

Have you ever experienced that ? Any solution ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi Florian,

Thanks for the report! We’ll try to reproduce it on our devices.

Meanwhile, can you please specify the version of the ReachView 3 app that you’re using?

Hi Polina and thanks for the supersonic reaction time. It’s v26, version before the very last release with custom coordinates systems.

Hi Florian,

If I get you right, v26 is a firmware version installed on the device. Could you please check the version of the ReachView 3 app as well? It is shown in the Profile tab.

Hi Kseniia, it’s ReachView v6.0. I got confused between the app and firmware versions.
A “weird” solution has been found in the meantime. When the CSV file to import is first downloaded from an email attachment, it can be imported. It is not grayed out. Maybe it is some iOS behavior preventing some imports. Not sure to understand though.

Hi Florian,

I checked that the Project_2223 CSV file can be imported fine to the ReachView 3 6.0 on iOS. May I ask you to share the CSV file that you can’t import to the app? I’ll check if I can reproduce the issue on our iOS devices. It will help us to localize the issue.

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