Importing Points Failure

Hello everyone, i am trying to import Points to a project. Normally this is no Problem, but now it is and i dont know why.

The points cant be shown in my Project, as you can see in the screenshot.

But why?

I never typed global coordinates in my Excel. And the Project itself is in ETRS89 too… please help me :slight_smile:

Hi Lauri,

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Typically, Emlid Flow 360 converts local coordinates into geographical ones to show them on the map. The conversion is accomplished according to the coordinate system selected for the project. If it didn’t happen, probably points were out of the bounds of that coordinate system.

Please send me your file via PM or to, so I can examine what might go wrong.

Hi Kirill, i have sent you an email :). Thank you.

Hi Lauri,

I’ve edited your CSV file and managed to import it into Emlid Flow 360. I removed “32” from the Easting coordinate as it’s redundant (means zone number) and rewrote the header. Points were imported and received global coordinates.

I’ve attached the fixed CSV file below in the zip archive.
Importing Points (1.4 KB)

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Ah now its working fine. Thank you very much. Probably its just because i forgot about the 32. Thank you very much.


I’m happy to help!

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