Importing in RV3

Can someone share a CSV file with name, easting, northing and elevation for me?
I am trying to import one into ReachView 3 and I’ve tried it multiple ways, but the file never imports.
Thought it might be quickest to use a template someone else has used and cut and paste my coordinates in.
Kind regards,

Hi. During import in RV3 you can use the template provide there. Copy text to note and save as .CSV


Make sure none are blank if it still doesn’t work with the template. I’ve run into this but I don’t know if it always necessary.


Thanks mate.
I had tried that. Still didn’t work.
I ended up exporting a csv from RV3, then changing the numbers and re-importing.
But since this morning, it’s working with other CSV’s as you’d expect. Not sure what was going on, but thanks for taking the time to help!


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