Importing geometry into reachview

I would like to add to the requests being able to import not only points but also lines into reach view. either a custom map or as part of the point import would be great.

this would greatly help to stake out points, in my case on the construction site where a lot of points (even when labeled) are really confusing.



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Lines stakeout is already in our roadmap. I can hardly give you any ETA, but it will appear in the following updates of ReachView 3.

Can you specify which type of map you’d like to see in ReachView 3?

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I’m very happy line stakeout is planned. thanks for the feedback.
With custom map I basically meant to being able to import a pdf file or image (maybe also geotiff) which could be use as a backdrop; simply to have a better overview of the project.

In my specific case, it would be great being able to have a floor plan as backdrop.
Depending on how line stakeout is implemented, a custom map feature is maybe not even necessary.

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adding to my request; would classes for points (and lines) be an option?
being able to show and hide would be am amazing addition.

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Thank you for your feature requests! We collect them and keep them in mind. However, since their implementation may take a long time and requires thorough research, I can’t tell you any time frames.

I also want to specify this. As far as I know, some softwares have points classes like survey points, stakeout points, calculated points, and so on. You can turn them on and off on the map for convenience. Do you mean this feature or feature codes for points?

thanks for the reply. In my case I’m talking about point or geometry classes (like layers in autocad).

I’m also waiting desperately for lines in Reach View! Great, you have it on your roadmap. Give it the highest priority :wink:



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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to update here that lines stakeout is available in Emlid Flow (formerly known as ReachView3). It’s part of the Survey plan subscription, along with codes and satellite map. You can read our guide to learn how lines stakeout works in Emlid Flow.

All of your questions are most welcome, just create a new topic in the forum or write us to

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