Imported Points in CSV-files are not where they should be!

I have imported these 4 (different) Points in 4 seperate Projects by the method “Paste Text” using the CSV template:

Point 1,49.4645110,8.5638110,0.1

Point 1,-49.4645110,-8.5638110,0.1

Point 1,49.4645110,-8.5638110,0.1

Point 1,-49.4645110,8.5638110,0.1

…and I get these results:

My Rover position in the pictures ® is 49.423733° 7.698411°
All points I get are south of the equator!!!
Shouldn’t I be getting the 4 points shown in the next picture?

Hi @ukiesow,

May I ask you to try swapping latitude and longitude values?

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Sorry Tatiana,
for this stupid mistake of mine!
The German word “Länge” stands for “Length” or something that is “long”.
For this reason I was completely shure that “Lon” corresponds to “Länge”
but unfotunately this was not so! Sorry again.
Thanks and Greetings

Hi Uli,

No need to sorry about it! I’m glad that we resolved it :slightly_smiling_face:

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