Importance of Base & Average Single Location If using purely PPK

Ive just started to dive into PPK and RKLIB.

  1. How important is it to set up a base unit when doing PPK?
  2. Can I run the rover with out even setting up a base
  3. If i do need a base can i shut down the LoRa Radio and just use pure log files to correct the survey data?

I guess what Im asking is what is the best setup for doing a PPK system when doing just survey/GCP’s?

On the Reach RS Units

Not sure what you mean, but if you want to use it then yes. You could also do post with another refrence station or other service over the internet.

Yes, same thing here. With ntrip service via internet you dont need base. But rover need some sort of correction data for it to do RTK. If not, rover works as a usual reciver in singel modus

Yes. Lora is just one of many ways to use/send correction data. Either you do RTK or postprocessing

Are you looking for relative or absolute coordinates.


Awesome very helpful reply,

So Im needing to get absolute coordinates. I have a near by COR Station R301 that does GPS+GLO+GAL. Im letting my base log for 30 minutes to determine its aposlute locaiton.

Im taking it step by step and just learning the PPK process.

How does doing PPK change my survey work flow as compared to Base & Rover RTK survey? RIght now I dewl on a point for 40 seconds while it collects data in RTK mode. can i just log the point quickly and move on in PPK?

RTK is real time correction data. PPK is not.
With PPK you dont need live data link between rover and base, you just need log from rover and base and process it later

Well, yes. But the challange is to know where that point is in postprocess, thats why if i do postwork, i use a bit more time over eachpoint just to seperate it better in the log, like my comment her

With RTK you can use survey mode and get the coordinates in an instant


I think I got the premise of RTK vs PPK, I’m looking for more of the practical implications of the usage of PPK over RTK.

I tried to run a test the other night I set up the unit and logged RAW data for about 30 minutes, didn’t move the unit at all . I then downloaded the CORS data for my near by station (R301) When i go to process I dont get anything, I tired to convert the files from the CORS, but the only files that contains any info is the .17o file. How do i process the data if Im only using a rover and the CORS data and not a Base+Rover+CORS?

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