Import ReachView 3 CSV to AutoCAD

Hey guys,

our company is new to the whole GPS-game and we are just getting started to integrate GPS-positioning into our workflow.
For starts we choose the EMLID REACH RS2 which will be delivered in the next days. My job now is to get into the workflow for this.
We perform vibration measurements and want to document and / or find the correct points for these measurements using the GPS system. For this we want to do 2 things:

  1. Define measuring points in AutoCAD 2019 and export them into the ReachView 3 App to find them on the construction side.
  2. Take measurements of the exact position of points and import them into AutoCAD 2019.

What would be the right way to do so?
I neither have experience with GPS or with AutoCAD…so an explanation for dummies would be very nice…I tried to finde tutorials online but could not get anything to work.

Thanks for your help

I think you have the right workflow in mind. Export>Import>Stake>Export>Import. What version of AutoCAD do you have?

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States 2019.

Not so much the year but the make… Standard, LT or Civil3D?

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@chascoadmin I really don’t know what stake is - but thats probably the way I want to work.

We use Autocad Mechanical 2019.

Thank you for your help.

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