Import labels in dxf or shapefile

Hi there

Is it possible in anyway to import the label fro my lines in dxf or shapefile?

I am trying to import squares made by lines (since I can’t import other geometries) which are labeled.
Everytime i try to import the areas, the label isn’t included.
So far I have importet centerpoints and renamed them manually, but I would like to find a way to automate that process.

Hi Morten,

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Which object types are labels in your file? Are they blocks or something else? If they’re blocks, you can try to expose them in CAD application and try importing once again.

Please share the DXF file which you import into Emlid Flow. I’ll try to reproduce it. You can send it privately to support@emlid or via PM.

Another possible workaround is creating CSV file from DXF manually. Some CAD applications like Civil3D allows making it. You can create your own code library containing lines, for example, with code “L_square value”. in Emlid Flow 360. Then, you need to assign these codes to each point shaping the line in the CSV file, and import it into the project in Emlid Flow 360. It can look like this:
Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 10.17.06

Emlid Flow will show these lines with corresponding name including square value in the app.

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