Import/export CSV with ; separator?

Is it possible to export the CSV files for German-speaking countries with the separator “;” ?

It must also be possible to import a CSV with the separator “;” !

In German-speaking countries, the CSV file is marked with “;” and not separated by “,”.

Unfortunately a huge problem in German-speaking countries.

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If I understand your problem correctly, use “;” Instead of “,”.
You can replace it by opening the file in Notepad and the ctrl+h

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Hello and thanks.
I would like to work with Excel so that I can sort by date or time.
I can open it with Excel without any problems.
In German-speaking countries, however, Excel saves with “;”


It should be possible to choose the CSV separator while importing files into Excel (or any other similar software). I’ve found this article on the Microsoft Support page. I believe it’s helpful.

Hello Svetlana.
Importing is not the problem. this works out.
However, the edited file can be exported again with the separator “,” that just doesn’t work.
Excel automatically renders “;” in European countries

Sounds like an issue with Excel. If you cannot find a way to configure Excel to export the way you would like, you could try another spreadsheet app, or as suggested, just open the file in a code/text editor and "find “;” and replace with “,” . It takes literally 15 seconds after you have done it once.

You could try openoffice calc (its free). It is pretty much the same as excel, but it will let you save with the separator of your choice

Just open it in Excel and Replace All commas with semicolons.

Das möchte ich nicht denn, kann ich nichts mehr ins RV3 zurück importieren.
Falls dies mal erforderlich sein sollte.

Natürlich weiss ich, dass es andere Programme gibt als Excel.
Ich würde mich aber gerne auf die Standard Software beschränken

We to have to reformat the file every time we use it but mostly for column order and field mapping so we share our files to an email address, modify it however we need it and store that in the project folder. It literally takes about 10-15 seconds to replace all the symbols.

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