Import .csv not working

I am trying to download points from my Android Documents to my Emlid Flow survey file using the Import command. I followed the instructions so I have no header, and have just PENZ data in an Excel file saved as a csv(comma delimited)(.*csv) file, named [Filename].csv.
I have tried using both the csv and csv(penzd) options, with and without header, in the Import command, and nothing works. Any answers?

I generally interact with Flow 360 on a pc and everything syncs with the phone.

But, I just gave the android app a try, and was able to import a filename.csv into Flow very easily. It was a file exported out of Flow 360 with no edits by me. The file contains all columns and includes headers.

You are trying to import into an existing project, correct?

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Please send your CSV file privately to or directly in PM. I’ll look into it to see what might be the reason for this issue.

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