Import CSV and EF not reply

Hello Emild community

I’m having problems after importing CSV, it does it ok but the EF app freezes and I can’t close it, I press the X in the upper right corner to close the screen and return to the map and it won’t let me, I have to restart EF to get it to work solve.

Emlid Flow 8.2 on Android


Hi Gabriel,

Please share a screencast of the issue and your CSV file with me.

What is the coordinate system you work with? And what are your phone model and its OS version?

Dear @julia.shestakova the CSV import works perfectly, that’s not the problem, it’s from the EF APP that I can’t close the import points screen and I can’t go back to the map to view the imported points, I can only see them by closing EF and re-entering.


There is a chance that the issue is related to the particular coordinate system or the project configuration. So I thought it would be great to try to reproduce your setup on my phone.

Please send a CSV file to me along with the screencast of the issue and info about your phone model and its OS. It should help investigate what is going on.

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