Imma real sorry but... (bloody beginners help needed)

I think im not smart enough to do this. Then again this is my first excursion into R/C or drone Building.

So i think i have all the parts i Need. I have:
The full Navio2 set you can buy on here (4 items)
A 14.8v 3000mah Battery (should be ok i think?)
the servos and engine i Need, a PPM capable reciever and Radio,
the Telemetry set for either UART or USB.

now heres the one i think i have wrong and will not work:
my BEC is 5.5v… this will be too much for the Navio, right?

Power module is included in your 4 items Navio set,

So there is no need for additionnal BEC unless you want to power servo rail.

Emlid recommend BEC in the 4.8–5.3V range.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for the promt Reply, Im not sure i have to power the servo rail but im looking at the scematics for a single engine plane and it Looks like the power module is connected to a BEC, which is connected to the servo rail.

stupid question, how will the servos move if the rail isnt powere…?

wait wait wait… i think i got it. this Connection from the BEC to he servos rail is not to power the servos but just engine Control, am i right?

and thus, the 5.5V is relevant for the engine, not servo rail?

again im really sorry for being such a bloody beginner and thinks for all the help

Powering servo rail:
Power module does not power servos. To provide power to the servo
rail plug your drone’s BEC into any free channel on the servo rail. Use
BECs that provide voltage in a range of 4.8-5.3V. If you’d like to use
high voltage servos use a power separation board.

ESC on your picture is with a BEC, so there is some power available to move the Servos.

Black line is Ground, Red line is +5V, Yellow line is Signal to control Motor…


So let me recap what i think you are telling me. (sorry, english isnt my first language and your replies are very open ^^)

1: The configuration in this Image is with powered servo Rail.

2: The power for this servo rail is comming from the BEC

3: The BEC with 5.5v that I have is too strong for this configuration (as navio2 should only be fed 4.8-5.3V)