Igs mgex rtcm 3.3?

I’m doing some experiments with a reach module and RTK through IGS NTRIP casters.
There is an IGS station 35 km away with two different services :

  • the IGS-IP Broadcaster with RTCM 3.1
  • the IGS-IP MGEX Broadcaster with RTCM 3.3

The first one works well.
For the second one I receive the RTCM messages (see below) but the base coordinates never appears in status page and I don’t have a solution. Is this could be caused by an incompatibility with RTCM version ?

RTCM 3.3 received :
rtcm: 1007,1008,1019,1020,1033,1046,1077,1087,1097,1107,1127

In my experience the igs station i was interested in did not broadcast the differential corrections. You need to check the rtcm 3 spec to see which msm messages pertain to the differential corrections.

Igs stations are actually more for geodetic monitoring if I am not wrong and not really meant for rtk though you could use them for it provided your baseline isn’t too long. You should check the station log at the igs website to see the approximate coordinates of the station, or you could log the rinex file and ephemerides (i think) using bkg and then resolve the position solution using precise ephemeris products downloaded directly from igs (usually takes about an hour or so I think as you need to wait for the precise point solution to plateau out). And then you need to input these base station coordinates manually in REACH which used to be doable in the past, hope the guys at emlid add that back in again!

Hello Edmund,
IGS station actually provide corrections through internet.
I’ve successfully got a fix with the one with RTCM 3.0 messages (GPS).
The same station also broadcast GPS+Baidou with RTCM 3.3 : Reachview receives messages but doesn’t display base coordinates nor get a solution. It should be interesting to manually enter base coordinates.

Yup I do think a number of them broadcast differential corrections. But not my station of interest… T.T

Yes, same for me, I managed to get fix using my station back when I could enter manual coordinates for the base station.

About your issue, yes i’m thinking there is some inconpatibility too and maybe the underlying rtklib engine needs to be patched to use the updated rtcm msm properly as I used to be unable to work with ntrip from mgex with versions of rtklib. Sorry not much of a help here!

Hi !
I check RTKLIB spec, and it is still indeed not compatible with RTCM 3.3. I’ll wait the next update.

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