IEEE article on new dual frequency chips with L5 signal coming to smartphones

Interesting article on new chips coming out for smartphones using the L1/L5 signals. Looks like the accuracy of consumer-level GPS is about to improve substantially. Interesting to see what happens to the price/performance of survey grade equipment. Interesting to see what Ublox and Emlid comes up with.

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Well, I would assume that there will be some lag between release of the device and the release of the software that enables the 30cm accuracy, so that might push the date forward to 2019 or 2020. Unless it is processed in-chip, of course.

Looking at the comments however, it seems people are already getting ideas about using the raw data:


Dual frequency RTK with a cell phone would be pretty wild alright, but how good could it be? Sure, the horsepower will be there to do the processing, but I predict that if they allow the user to access the raw data, then it will be good, but not 2cm good, and not quite comparable to something with a proper GNSS antenna.
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